What People Ate
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This section deals with wartime shortages concerning food and the diet of people in Chesham. Here Deidre Britten, on the left, and Kath Dolling talk about what they ate as young children in Chesham. Just get your mouse pointer to hover on the picture and then click on the triangle to start the film (six minutes).

Hear about the delights dried egg powder and, of course, Spam (Supply Pressed American Meat, according to one source). Mrs. Britten mentions, at one point, how difficult it was to get to the coast. The reason was that the coastal area facing the anticipated German invasion was a restricted area and was exclusively used by the military preparing for attack from the sea. Fortunately, it never came.

Reggie Gray (2 mins 47 secs) points out that rural children during the war were better off than those in the cities without access to gardens. His family kept chickens and rabbits in their garden and grew their own vegetables.